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We are really looking forward to people from LEAF festival joining our next Urban Picnic ‘The Poets Tree’.

As an artist I am interested in our relationships to geographical places. By being creative together and connecting to a place, are we more likely to visit again? and do we feel an emotional attachment to each other and to the location?

Urban Picnic gets us out, being creative and walking and creating something for others too. We normally leave artwork to be found by others on their socially distanced walks, for this event we are creating a video.

What do I need to do?

Choose a tree (you could surprise your friends with a short walking route to get there).

If you are in Hull, UK, you could find the one in the picture. Its located in Paull and has an amazing panoramic view of the Humber Estuary. We will be visiting this tree in groups of up to 6 up to April 4th. Your tree can be anywhere you like.

You will need:

Tree, friend(s), picnic, poetry book, pen, paper, mobile phone camera, bin bag (for litter).

Invite friends to join you for a picnic and to be creative together (In England from Monday we can meet in groups of 6).

You could tidy up, do a little litter picking, freshen up the area before settling down. Make the space your own.

Have a picnic and be creative together underneath your tree.

Write a poem (or find one you like in a poetry book)

Read one line of your poem into the wind. Record this (tell us the poetry line in the content of your message).

Don’t worry about the sound quality or even if you are audible. Include the tree in the shot. If you want to include a picture of your poem that would be perfect.

Send to before April 6th using (We will mix all of the results into a glorious film)

Remember to leave no trace and take litter home.

Were really looking forward to seeing what you send us.