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Sea and Strata is a micro commission created for Crescent Arts, Scarborough. It explores Place.

Inspired by William Smiths map of Strata displayed in the Rotunda Museum.

Sea and Strata’ is a new geo-located audio installation combining sounds of the Sea with geomorphic sounds of Strata. Experienced via mobile phone set to an exact location.

​Sarah tells stories of her relationship with the sea, strata and topographic maps after her neighbourhood flooded. Audiences are encouraged to look out to sea and experience its ability to destroy and rebuild.

The soundscape is audio layer that lays over the physical layers of the earth, created with the help of sound designer A.L.U, it is designed to be explored and interacted with.

​Sarah’s work focuses on Emotional Geography, place and explores the powerful nature of the collective via the projects ‘Urban Picnic and What Is Collective’.

Sea and Strata is a socially distanced artwork.