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Power of one is a geo-located sound installation under development at the University of Hull. We invite students to take part in a new project celebrating connection and friendship, by responding to the question:

When has a friend uplifted, inspired or helped you, perhaps without them even realising? 

By submitting your recording you agree that you are over 18 and you allow your audio to form part of the anonymous audio-based artwork Power of One.

You can submit the answer to the question via:

Mobile, Record on your phones microphone and email to, with the subject header POWER OF ONE: Submission.

In person, We will be visiting the University on Thurs 13 May, if you would like to book a time to meet us, please email or via twitter @artistmoie

PC, use Speakpipe

If you would rather submit your audio in an alternative way email, with the subject header POWER OF ONE: Submission.

Power of One is a geo-located audio walk that will take place on the University of Hull’s Cottingham Road campus that will be accompanied by a creatively generated soundscape that incorporates audio recordings (captured from participants) and sound design. 

The nature of the geo-location application triggers audio at specific, pre-determined GPS co-ordinates on the walk.  Access to the project for an audience is based around the use of audience’s own mobile devices, pre-installed with the necessary app and audio files, and head/ear phones.  This pilot will take place in 2021.

R&D funded by Hull City Council, City Art