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02022020.SPACE / FEB 2020

On 2 February 2020 What Is? Collective were proud to be a part of a global live streaming event over 26 hours.
‘We are a group of artists who are enthusiastic about the upcoming palindrome date, 02-02-2020. We build this platform aimed at connecting different artists and partners to give an artistic response to the once-in-a-lifetime date and discover its obscured absurdity in relation to our current world’

What Is Collective artists Sam Fowler and Moie present work for ‘Of Love and Sea’ and invite Poet Dean Wilson to mark the day. The films created are archived on

26 hours programme, streaming 57 works. 30 works are exclusive, involving artists/performers 105+, artists come from 34+ different cities.
Programme Partners ( Hong Kong New Music Ensemble 香港創樂團TimeArt Studio 時間藝術工作室New European EnsembleProjeten, bureau de création pluridisciplinaire삼킴 SaaamKiiimVeenfabriekIntro in SituIsing Project, The Opera Company, Stepančić.Gidron and Inbetweenconditions) and Venue Partners (Twenty AlphaLa place, in the house, 想起旅宿生活工作室, Scheltema Leiden, N Gallery).
Funding partners (香港藝術發展局 Hong Kong Arts Development Council (HKADC)Design TrustSonoLabGemeente Leiden)
*(HK) Hong Kong New Music Ensemble 香港創樂團 project – LO Lai Lai: A good Crossing
(DE) Barbara Lubich & Anna Till: Parallel Situation
*(TW) TimeArt Studio 時間藝術工作室: TimeArt Studio & Tea Poem
*(HK) Steve Hui, Annisa Cheung & Kathleen Fung: 20200202
*(Melbourne) The Opera Company: Frenzy at the End of History
*(Luxembourg) Projeten, bureau de création pluridisciplinaire project – Stéphane Ghislain Roussel, Sophie Langevin & Paula Onet : 11.11.02. Baba Vanga
*(FR) Marie Hervé – The Phone
(JP) Yota Morimoto: s/h
*(Barcelona) Maia Francisco: Numerical Palindrome
(TW/NL) Wen Chin Fu: Sugar Talk
*(Seoul) 삼킴 SaaamKiiim
*(HK) Karen Yu & William Kuo: Augmented Aurality
*(HK/NL) New European Ensemble project- Lam Lai & Ruta van Hoof: Anatomy of a Date
*(HK) Tap Chan: LOOP POOL
*(London) Meg Jenkins: performance
*(HK/NL) New European Ensemble project – Tak-cheung Hui: Realms of Interim
(DE) Sphera De Noumenon: The Long Shadow of Antilia
New European Ensemble project – Graham Flett (CA): Six More Weeks of Winter, Lise Morrison(SA): Another Lullay, Jan-Peter de Graaff (NL)- That all changes
*(IL) Earth To Abigail – Sorting myself out
(Athens) N Gallery project – Anna Pangalou : Ising Project
(Bolivia/NL) Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti : RADIO LETTER #3
(NL) Flowers/Ghosts&Echoes : audio-visual performance
*(NL) Channa Boon: 20 Khachapuri
(Barcelona) Alfonso Pardo, Primo Gabbiano + Visual Pal, Maia Francisco, Mikel R.Nieto, Heidi Valda and Yolanda Uriz Elizalde
(NL) Veenfabriek project – Paul Koek, Ton van der Meer, Simon Boer, Gerjan Piksen, Niki Verkaar, Marijn Prakke, Ruta van Hoof, Mei-yi Lee ( SonoLab ) and Jasper Stadhouders
*(UK) What is? Collective and Dean Wilson
*(UK) Semay Wu & Gavin Brown
*(UK) Dan Gibson : The Inner Lives of Inanimate Objects
(BE/NL) Turbo Collective: Anonymous 4.3
*(PL) Kacper Ziemianin : Musical Clock 20200202
(JP/DK) Toshie Takeuchi: II-x=X=x=X=-II
(BR) Nicole Kouts: Voltei para o meu lugar favorito mas o caminho mudou muito
(BR) João Rocha : Projeção
*(FR) Nicolas Jacquot : Node n°3
(IN) Sayak Shome : A Tail of A.Symmetry
*(UK/LT) Vyte Garriga : 2wan
(PL) Maess: Abnormal Results
(BR) Veronica Baroni : Chronos
(FR) Sylvain Souklaye : Automated Pain?
*(HK) Nadim Abbas : The Great Comet of 2020 [X/2020 C1]
*(NY) Stepančić .Gidron: 597 session 02022020
*(NL) Intro in Situ project, Angela de Weijer , Rutger Muller,
Germaine Sijstermans : Retracing
(Georgia) Zura Tsofurashvili : Supper (2020)
(CA)Remy Siu: New notations – for [multi] player
(Lithuania) Valdas Neurovirtual : The Apparition State
*(HK) Heidi Law : Lantau Today
*(HK) The Gong Strikes One : In the Loop (trailer)
*(NL) Liesbeth Vreeburg : 26 poems about Time
* 02022020.SPACE exclusive